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COVID-19 Announcement!

We realize there may be some who still have concerns about returning to corporate worship at this time, so we are working on the logistics for a live Facebook broadcast. This will give those who choose to stay home the semblance of being with us.

We have worked to make the environment as safe as we can make it. All surfaces and doors have been sprayed with bleach cleaner and we have a hospital-grade disinfectant spray that will be applied throughout the Auditorium (on chairs, rails, doors). Hand sanitizer will be located throughout the building.  

As much as possible, it will be a touchless experience from the car back to the car.  Only the main entrance is to be used to enter the building. We have placed 6 foot markings in the foyer, hallway and aisle into the sanctuary for each family to stand as you wait to be seated. Greeters will be available to open the doors for you, so there will be no need for you to touch those surfaces.  All doors entering the Auditorium will also be open.  The fellowship hall and classrooms are not available for use, as there is to be no congregating or socializing allowed inside the building. 

You will be asked not to linger in the foyer when you arrive at the church building . Everyone must go immediately to the sanctuary to be seated.  You will be greeted by ushers who will help to place you as near as possible to where you wish to sit, but be aware that our seating will be different . . .

The ushers in the aisles will be there to direct you to a seat. Please, follow their leadership and instructions. Alternating rows of chairs will be used, so there will always be one row, or 6 feet, between each group of worshipers. You may share an entire row of seats with those who are in your household and/or those with whom you have been socializing. Otherwise, you will be separated by a minimum of two chairs from others on the same row. Because of this "distancing placement," there will be a limited number of persons on each row.

We will be singing in the sanctuary as we gather for worship.  However, due to the inherent risk of COVID-19 transmission while singing facemasks will be REQUIRED, along with social distancing requirements. Please bring a facemask with you or we ask that you DO NOT participate in singing. We appreciate your cooperation with the guidelines we have implemented for everyones safety knowing that this is a small price to pay to be able to worship our Savior together! 

Exiting the building will be done in an orderly fashion by rows, and each section will leave through different exit points. Each section will be dismissed by row, beginning with the back row until all in the section have been dismissed. This will occur under the supervision of the usher for your section. While exiting, you are encouraged to keep six feet distance.

Following the service, if you wish to socialize, it must be done outside the building. When you arrive on the outside of the building, you may "hang around" outside to fellowship with the others who have chosen to "hang around." If you don't wish to socialize, you may proceed directly to your car after you exit.

At the present time there will be no childcare or other age related activities offered. We are encouraging families to worship together and we understand this will create some challenges for parents as well as provide some level of distraction; it is a small price to pay for the safety of our children. We are working to have coloring pages/activity sheets available for parents to pick up from the foyer table that will coincide with the sermon each week. The nursery and cry room will be available for those who may need them, just be cautious to maintain social distancing. During this phase of our re-opening it is extremely important that your children remain with you at all times.

Our restroom facilities will be available, but we ask that they be used only if absolutely necessary while maintaining social distancing. Please abide by a 2-person at a time limit. Restroom entrance doors will be discreetly left open. Physical bulletins will not be distributed; announcements will be published on-line and on the screen. We will not pass an offering plate, but it will be available to you to place your offering as you leave. Or you can continue to give online, or mail it.

We will not touch one another, but we will greet each other warmly with a wave and smile.  Can’t wait to see you!

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